Surrey CompSoc at Hari's Bar

Coming up: Our AGM

The AGM is the annual meeting of the Society in which the new committee is elected to lead the society in the coming year. We hope you all turn up and vote!

When and where is the AGM?

The AGM is on Friday, 4 May 2018, at 6 pm, in TB23 (in the Teaching Block).

What’s on the Agenda?

The following is the Agenda. The Chair of this meeting is Joel Russell, President of CompSoc. The Deputy Chair (if the Chair yields the position, e.g. to run in an election themselves) is Holly Boothroyd, Vice-President of CompSoc. The Union Official, who is also permitted to chair if needed, and is in attendance to ensure the fairness and completeness of the meeting is Sam Bryanton, Chair of the University of Surrey Students’ Union.

Apologies for Absence

It’s an official meeting, and if anyone in the committee can’t make it, they have to apologise!

Committee report for the past year

We’ll have some things to share about what we’ve been up to and what we have

Signatory Elections

We’ll have the election of our three signatories! These are the three positions ultimately responsible for the running of the Society, and they are (in order of election):

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer

You don’t have to tell us in advanced if you’re running (although it might help you to do so)! The chair will call for anyone who wishes to run and give each candidate an opportunity to speak on why they should be elected (these speeches tend to be around 60 seconds). There will then be time for questions from the committee or the membership. After this, the candidates will leave the room for voting (by a show of hands). The candidate with the most votes wins! The candidate known as ‘RON’ (Re-Open Nominations) also runs in every election, RON doesn’t actually exist but if he wins, the election is held again!

Any candidate who does not win an election is free (and encouraged) to run for any subsequent position.

Brief break and chat

In the break, the chair will discuss with the signatories-elect as to what non-signatory committee positions should be elected or selected. These non-signatory roles may be selected at will by the signatories, or they can be run as elections. The current signatories and chair of the AGM will choose to run elections for committee positions on the advice of the new signatories, despite them not being officially in power until the following week.

Election/selection of non-signatory positions

Examples of positions we’ll likely be electing are:

  • Social Secretary
  • Events Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Publicity Officer
  • Creative Director

End of meeting

At which point we will immediately run off to Hari’s for our Finale Post-AGM Fancy Dress Charity Barcrawl (that’s quite a mouthful).

We’ll see you at 6pm, in TB23!

- Your CompSoc committee