Here are your duly-elected members of the 2016–17 committee!


Joel Russell

The President is the leader and figurehead of the Society. They provide advice and support to the committee, and develop the direction of the group.


Holly Boothroyd

The Vice-President assists in the central organisation and running of the society. In our society, the VP often takes the lead on running specific events and reaching out for new partnerships or sponsorships.


Sam Kitson

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the funds and budget of the society. They co-ordinate with the Union Finance office when the Society needs to access its funds for events.

Founder, Creative Director

Adil Khan

Our founder Adil remains on the committee to provide his unique experience in the running of CompSoc.

Social Secretary

Emma Field

The Social Secretary's primary role is organisation of social events, such as our infamous barcrawls. The Social Secretary also advises the committee on what to do to engage the members.

Events Manager

Darina Georgieva

The Events Manager coordinates with the committee to put on events that fall outside the remit of the Social Secretary. This would include academic or professional events.

Publicity Officer

Richard Cleave

The Publicity Officer hears about events we're putting on, and gets as much promotion for it as possible. This includes on-campus awareness through the TV screens, and online promotion through the Union newsletters and our social media pages.


Ahmed Komaira

The Webmaster is selected to look after the organisation and upkeep of the CompSoc website.